La Reserve

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Pt Rue au Beurre 2, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

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La Reserve is a very special place in the heart of Brussels. Established over 50 years ago, it has become the oldest gay bar in the city and a well-known institution. It offers a unique atmosphere that has been preserved over the years, with an old-style decor, cozy seating areas, and a friendly vibe. Despite its age, the bar has been updated with modern amenities such as a new sound system and great music, especially on weekends. The bar attracts locals and tourists alike, of all ages, creating a mix of cultures and backgrounds.

At La Reserve, you can enjoy a delicious coffee or a fine selection of Belgian beers. Whether you are looking for a relaxing place to chat with friends or a lively spot to dance the night away, La Reserve has something for everyone. The bar’s staff is always friendly and welcoming, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home. This is why La Reserve is such a popular place for people from all walks of life who are looking for a good time.

La Reserve also offers a variety of beers that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. From chilled beer on tap to bottled beers, fruit beers, and local beers from the Enstoemelings Brewery, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer a light, refreshing beer or a full-bodied beer with a rich flavor, La Reserve has you covered. So whether you are looking for a place to enjoy a quiet drink or to dance the night away, La Reserve is the perfect place for you.

Features at La Reserve:

  • Oldest gay bar in Brussels
  • Well-known institution with a friendly vibe
  • Cozy seating areas and old-style decor
  • Updated sound system and great music, especially on weekends
  • Attracts locals and tourists of all ages, creating a mix of cultures
  • Delicious coffee and fine selection of Belgian beers
  • Variety of beers including chilled beer on tap, bottled beers, fruit beers and local beers from the Enstoemelings Brewery

Thoughts from Online Reviews

Here is a summary of things mentioned about La Reserve in online reviews.

  • Safe and friendly historic gay bar
  • Cozy, warm welcoming with great music
  • Owners are very kind and welcoming
  • Great atmosphere and friendly staff
  • Perfect place for a drink and meeting up
  • Honest and straightforward
  • A welcoming place where everyone can be themselves
  • A gem of a bar with soul, unpretentious joy, and life
  • Fantastic food
  • Nice old bar, gay friendly, and nice coffee
  • Really nice, not expensive, lovely
  • 5 stars to Chaudfontaine

La Reserve is normally open at:

Monday: 14:00-23:00
Tuesday: 14:00-23:00
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 14:00-23:00
Friday: 14:00-23:00
Saturday: 14:00-23:00
Sunday: 14:00-23:00
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