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Posted on July 29, 2014 at 08:07 AM

At last I am able to add a more personal touch to this guide by blogging. This whole site is custom-built and developed into really fit a good travel guide online with all the features and functions. The blog was next on my ToDo-list and here it is - at least the start of it!

The blog will be a more relaxed way for me to write my own opinions and share my view on the LGBT community and all that surrounds it. I will aim to focus on more travel related news, but still feel I have a lot of more information to share with all of you so beware with some more off topic subjects time to time.

I will also keep you informed of any new features and what's happening with the guide. I have a long list of features waiting to be implemented along with a new graphical profile. Some blog posts will be a bit "nerdy" and technical but feel free to sort them out using the categories to only read the entries that you find interesting.

All personal reviews will be featured in the blog and as I recently came home from a weekend tour of London I have a few reviews coming up in the near future.


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