Boiler Berlin Sauna

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Mehringdamm 34
10961 Berlin

Area: Kreuzberg

Website: Go to website

Boiler is one of the biggest saunas in Berlin and also one of the personal favourites. Big variety among the visitors and friendly staff.

Here you enjoy a large jacuzzi, two saunas with different temperature, large cruising areas and of course a steam sauna (with a maze).

Opening hours: Monday to thursday 12-6AM, Friday 12 to Monday 6 AM (all day and night)

Directions: Take the U-bahm to Mehringdamm. You'll see a sign from the street leading into an ally. Once inside you'll see a boiler (like a real boiler to heat water in buildings) and ofcourse boiler (the sauna). Press the small blue button and you'll can pass right in. 

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