Gay guide Valletta

The capital of Malta, and since 1980 listed as a world heritage by Unesco. It also has a gay scene that we're inviting you into!

Whether you stay in Valletta during your trip to Malta or not, it's easily accessible by cheap accessible public transport. In Valetta, you can see the proud history of Malta in all its glory!

Things to see and do

Most of the Maltese attractions are found in Valletta! These are a few highlights:

  • National War Museum and Fort St. Elmo
    Beautiful view of the harbor from the fort that also holds the war museum. You can also have a swim from the cliffs below the fort.
  • St John's CO-Cathedral
    Fantastic cathedral built at the end of the 1500th century. It is mostly famous for the painting by Caravaggio.
  • Grand Master's Palace
    One of the first buildings in Valetta (1571) that has been the house of power over Malta. You can visit the Palace, Armory, and staterooms for 10 euros almost every day.
  • The Saluting Battery
    Every day at 16:00 the guns fire. You can hear it from afar, but it's a fun spectacle to watch. You can also see the guns from the Upper Barrakka Gardens which is a good viewpoint of all of the city.


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