Gay guide Barcelona

What's not to love about Barcelona. The bustling city of Catalonia located on the shoreline to the mediterranean sea. You get the perfect combination of a city full of culture and pleasure right next to the beach!

It's wildly famous for tourists from around the world visiting the buildings of Gaudi and the nature surrounding the city.

Food is always easily accessible and great on almost any street. Get some pinxos and some cava or sangria and get ready to hit the next bar or club!

The city is very gay friendly so it's no surprise it has become extremely popular!


Frequently asked questions


Is Barcelona gay-friendly?

Yes, Barcelona is gay-friendly. You'll find plenty of bars and places. Personally never had any issues with public affection either.


When is gay pride in Barcelona?

Gay pride in Barcelona is usually during June. Last year, 2022, it was between June 13-26th. Check out their website at or follow our event guide to find out more. 


Where is the gay area in Barcelona?

It's called Eixample district. The Gaixample (a play on the words 'gay' and 'eixample') is Barcelona's gay district. It's the hotspot for gay shops, bars, hotels, and nightclubs.


Is there a gay hotel in Barcelona?

There are few gay hotels, like Axel Hotel and Two Hotel by Axel, in Barcelona. There are also many gay-friendly hotels near Gaixample (Eixample), which is gay-friendly even though they don't announce it. Check for a hotel on the streets of Carrer de Diputació between Aribau and Villarroel, Carrer d'Aragó, Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, and Carrer de Balmes, and you'll be fine.

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