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Area: Kärsön

A nice place to work on your tan in the nude among other friendly gay guys. It's a big and cliffy area so there is a lot of room to find your own spot if you prefer. A suggestion is to find a spot that you like, both more protected areas in the beginning and if you venture further out the peak (but still on this left side) you find more open areas and also cliffs you can lay down on.

Of course there are some cruising going around, but if that's not your thing the "cruisers" will respect that and leave you to your tanning.

How to get here

Once you arrive at the forest, take a left up the hill until you see the water on the other side. This side is more of the gay area and you can find guys all over the place. 

There is a big open area a bit further out. The whole place is used for cruising as you would expect, but this place is definate the spot to be if that's what you are looking for.

By car: You can park close to the restaurant Brostugan. Here you will find free parking just outside the restaurant (note: the restaurant has their own parking which is only for guests. Please respect this). Then just walk through the café to find a trail leading under the highly trafficed road and then through the grass.

By bike: Walk your bike through the grassy area and park it below the hill once you reach the forest.


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